Who we are

My name is Eleonora, I was born in Rome, where I also grew up and where I still live with my family (husband and two children). I've always loved my city, its secrets, history, beauties, traditions...that's why I took my degree (2003) and a specialization (2006) in Archaeology. After it, I also took my license (2006 / 2007) as tour guide for the territories of Rome and Viterbo, and also a license as tour leader (2007).
I really enjoy my job, I feel blessed since I can work and spend my time in this real Book of History and Art, the City itself!!
As I'm constantly in contact with people of different age and culture, I consider fundamental to transmit my knowledge of course, but, most important of all, my passion for art, archaeology, history, trying to make easy and interesting for people to get the long development of Rome and its sites.
I have been working since many years for several Travel Agencies and Insitutes, and I've acquired a pretty wide experience in guiding both adults and children, families and groups, students and pilgrims.
I always try to make my tours not only a historic and artistic class, but a real opportunity to let people understand our traditions, culture, legends.
As the popular saying is Rome, a lifetime isn't enough, my tours will be just a first taste of Rome, that should let you love the City and inspire you to come back as soon as possible!! Just make sure to throw your coin in the Trevi Fountain....  

I was born in Rome, where I live and work. Archaeologist and tour guide for the provinces of Rome and Viterbo, I carry out activities in the field of the research at the university, I develop didactic works as museum educator and I work as a guide in the field of tourism in particular with some cultural associations. I also work as assistant teacher for high school students in Rome. During my guided tours I speak to young people and adults, trying to stimulate their curiosity and their interests. I love travelling, especially around distant countries to know their traditions and culture. 

My name is Tatiana, I was born in Viterbo where I live. I’m an archaeologist graduated at the Faculty for the Preservation of Cultural Heritage at Tuscia University and specialized in Late Ancient and Medieval Archaeology at the University La Sapienza in Rome. Currently I am working towards my doctoral degree at the Pontifical Institute of Christian Archaeology in Rome. Official tourist guide for Viterbo and its provincial territory in 2006 and tourist companion at national level in 2007, I work in the field of tourist from 2004 as organizer of guided visits for UPTE (Popular University of all the Ages) groups and, contemporarily, chairman of seminars on archaeology of the Tuscia for some associations in the Province of Viterbo. Since many years I work for Museum, a roman association born in order to make easier the accessibility of Museums and archaeological sites for motor and visual disabled persons, which develops tactile guided visits in some museums in Rome. Teacher of Literary subjects in Italian state school in Viterbo, I also organize guided tours for groups and schools of different order and degree in the whole territory of the Province of Viterbo.

I am Maria,official guide and tourist companion. Since I have been a child I have observed with interest and wonder the splendid monuments that made and make great Rome: they don't stop rousing the attention of researchers but, above all, they always surprise the thousand of tourists that never abandon our territory! Undoubtedly my university and professional choices have been determined by the desire to know the historical memories visible at every corner of the streets or in the most hidden alleys: the Rome of our days is so, faithful to its past, but always full of life as, after all, the communes of the whole Latium are and in which many admirable art works are still preserved.

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